Chris Benoit Bibliography

Travel with me back in time to May 21, 1967, the year a great performer named Chris Benoit was born. Now lets travel 18 years in the future to the year 1985. In 1985 Benoit began his training to become a pro but lifting waits that is father bought for him. 1985 began an almost 22 year career of a great wrestler. His great career had been spent in great promotions such as Stampede Wrestling, New Japan Pro wrestling (NJPW), Extreme Championship wrestling (ECW), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/E), and a few minor Indy promotions. Now travel with me to November 22, 1985 were he had his first match for with Stampede Wrestling. Now we move on to the year 1986 because this is the year he started working for NJPW.

In August 1990 Chris Benoit won his first ever championship the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship from Jushin Liger but would go on to lose the title to the same Jushin Liger in November. When Benoit won this title he was a masked wrestler known as The Pegasus Kid. He would lose his right to were his mask November 1991 to Jushin. After the loss of his mask he renamed himself Wild Pegasus and went on to win the Super J Cup in the year 1994 beating Black Tiger, Gedo, and Great Sasuke.

Now we travel to the year 1992 were Benoit began his first run in WCW. Chris Benoit first debut with WCW some time in June 1992. upon his debut he teamed with fellow Canadian Biff Wellington. They lost in a tag tournament in round one to Brian Pillman and Jushin Liger. In January of 1993 he returned to WCW. He lost one match to 2 Cold Scorpio with three seconds left of the twenty Minuit time limit.

In 1994 Benoit would begin working for ECW. The true start to the “Crippler” name was when he put Rocco Rock out of action. At the ECW November to Remember Pay Per View Benoit went on to Break Sabu’s neck on accident when he went to do a face first slam that Sabu blotched the move.

Benoit won his first ever American wrestling title in 1995, this title being the ECW Tag Team Championship. He won this title with Dean Malenko February of 1995 from Sabu and The Tazmaniac (Taz,Tazz). Benoit and Malenko would go on to lose the titles to The Public Enemy at ECW Three Way Dance. After this he went back to feuding with 2 Cold Scorpion.

Chris Benoit was forced to leave ECW after his work visa expired

Infection of Knowledge

Did you know?

In 1995 NJPW and WCW was having a “Talent Exchange” and that is when Benoit began working for WCW once again. Benoit was placed in the Kevin Sullivan feud after Pillman left for WWF/E leaving Sullivan needing someone to continue the feud with.

Adding to the story WCW had Benoit have an on-screen affair with Sullivan’s Wife and Valet Nancy (Woman). To make the story look real WCW had it were Benoit and Nancy would share Hotel rooms, Hold hands in public and stuff like that.

The story then went beyond Kayfabe and turned into a real-life affair.

The last match of the Benoit/Sullivan feud was at Bash at the Beach in a retirement match that Sullivan lost.

In 1998 Benoit had a feud with Booker T for the WCW World Television Championship. This was until Fit Finley won the title. After that Benoit And Booker T had a best of 7 series to be the Number one contender for the title. Benoit went up to 3-1 in it but Booker caught up leading to match seven at Monday Nitro. In that match Bret Hart Interjected himself into the match and interfered to help Benoit win. Benoit did not want the win to be like that and told the referee what went on and he got disqualified.

In 2000 Benoit first won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship from Sid at souled out but due to Sullivan being made head booker he left the company the next day.

In 2000 at fully loaded and Unforgiven it appeared Benoit won the WWF title but both times the decision would be reversed by Commissioner Foley.

In 2001 Benoit teamed with his former rival Chris Jericho to win the WWF Tag titles from Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin. During the Title run Benoit suffered a neck injury during a four team Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) match. He had to have surgery but still went on to compete at the 2001 King of the Ring PPV.

Benoit was drafted to Smackdown and on his return he became a Heel and teamed with his long time friend Eddie Guerrero.

In one story WWF had an “open contract” where Raw superstars could wrestle on Smackdown and Smackdown superstars could compete on Raw. During this Benoit beat RVD to win the Intercontinental Championship again and then joined Raw with the belt.

In 2004 when Benoit won the Royal rumble he went on to be the second person in WWE history to win from the number one entrance. At Wrestlemania twenty Benoit would go on to win a triple threat match also including Triple H(champion) and Shawn Michaels to become the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Now lets travel forward to the year 2007 and the WWE draft. In 2007 at the draft Benoit lost a match to the then ECW Champion Bobby Lashley and was drafted to ECW.

At the WWE Vengeance: Night of Champions PPV Benoit was set to win the ECW title but he missed a house show and told WWE officials he missed it because is wife and son was vomiting blood due to food poisoning. And then told them he will have to miss the PPV because of a family emergency.

On June 27th Nancy, Daniel, and Chris Benoit were found dead.

After all signs pointed to a double murder-suicide WWE stopped selling all Chris Benoit Merchandise.

On July 17th Toxicology reports were released and they showed Nancy had three different drugs in her system, they were Xanax, Hydrocodon, and Hydromorphone.

On my behalf I would like to say Rest In Piece Nancy, Daniel, and Chris Benoit.

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Alprazolam Inside Treatment Of Despression Symptoms In Older Adults

Alpraxolam, which is recognizable in the market as Xanax, is a regarded strong short acting benzodiazepine. This kind of medication can be used to deal with mild to extreme sorts of panic disorders including social panic attacks along with panic attacks. It is furthermore utilized as a good add-on in order to ease stress which is believed to be linked with moderate depression. It is obtainable for purchase in quick discharge varieties as well as prolonged release preparations. Both these arrangements have anxiolytic, sedative, hypnotic, muscle relaxant along with anticonvulsant qualities.

This specific medicine have a swift effects to fix the patients’ distress. Typically this is achieved from the very first 7 days of use. This pill on the other hand is said to the most regularly misused benzodiazepine. It is consequently auspicious that most of it’s approved consumers don’t build up signs of substance use issues. Tolerance to this medication’s beneficial effects is eminent especially when it is applied for a long period of time.

This alternative is used in a range of medical scenarios. One of its chief indications could be the management of Anxiety attacks. It was the first indication to its use. It is authorized by the FAD to supply symptomatic aid of moderate to severe bouts of anxiety, essential tremor and also panic disorder. This support however is considered to be short lived only. Numerous physicians, who decide to order alprazolam should always place in their thoughts that when this kind of medication is recommended for more than eight weeks, then its effectiveness may be affected, particularly lowered. This will likely call for discontinuation or make physician bound to make serving escalations to keep up the pill’s efficiency. The doctor in control of a particular affected individual should, on a regular basis, measure the effectiveness of the medicine for that said sufferer. This medicine is suggested for the managing of resistant cases of anxiety attacks wherein the patients has had no previous record of tolerance or dependancy.

Another indication to the usage of Alprazolam is anxiety disorders. This additionally is utilized for short term comfort of anxiety attacks. It is just used for a couple of weeks period in severe acute anxiety. It may also be authorized for the management of anxiety linked to depression. There are some debates on whether or not this particular medicine comes with an antidepressant effect but facts for this hypothesis remains at this time inadequate.

Patients might show indicators of drawback or rebound syndrome of the earliest symptoms. This information demonstrates that a gradual decrease of the dose prescribed to a client is a must so that withdrawal side effects of this medication could be put to negligible amounts when its use is halted.

Some of the withdrawal signs or symptoms that one might observe in sufferers who have made use of this drugs are much like those suffered following discontinuance of sedative-hypnotics and alcohol. Preliminary symptoms could be mild just like sleeping disorders as well as dysphoria and may very well advance to anxiety, mucle cramps, throwing up, depression, or even committing suicide to name a few.

Payne Dunn is an independent researcher working on human despression symptoms and the treatments like alprazolam . Check out alprazolam no prescription for an in depth viewpoint of the subject.

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